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Frequently Asked Questions

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Smooth Ways Autoparts Pte Ltd has pledged our commitment to protecting our environment through responsible business practices. Waste reduction and environmental responsibility are 2 areas that we working towards. We reuse packaging items such as cardboard and plastic bags and we reduce the use of these materials while ensuring our goods are securely packed for distribution.

In addition, Smooth Ways Autoparts carry genuine products direct from authorised dealers, ensuring that the products and production processes are curated and sustainable and that environmental concerns have been properly addressed. Toyota strongly believes in environmental sustainability and have looked into various areas such as innovation, operations and governance to minimise environmental impact.

We encourage our customers to pick products that are environmentally friendly or are produced in environmentally friendly ways. E.g. Toyota’s Adblue fluid doesn’t not contain toxic materials or ozone depleting substances that harm the environment.

In both our offices, we encourage our staff to reduce water and electricity usage.

For any enquires regarding wholesale or bulk purchase orders, please get in touch with our sales team via our Contact Us page or drop us an email at